As a wary homeowner, protecting your properties has never been greater and safer by installing outdoor security cameras. Manufacturers like Ring offer a line of bespoke outdoor cameras just for this particular purpose.

However, because they offer top-notch products, many found it pricey. Thankfully, Winees Cam F1's outdoor spotlight camera is one of the cheapest yet grade-A alternatives to date.


What's the Difference Between Surveillance Cameras and Security Cameras?
Before looking for outdoor security cameras, know that there is a significant difference between surveillance and security cameras. Generally, the common denominator between the two is that they both look over specific locations, and later on, these footages can work as official documentation.

Now, surveillance cameras monitor real-time events, but someone in charge must constantly check on them to take action. These cameras in question can detect and record activities but not in a way security cameras do.

On the other hand, outdoor security cameras also monitor actions, but no one is in charge. Because they have integrated alert systems to notify homeowners about strange occurrences, some connect with the authorities immediately.

Best Outdoor Security Cameras
Setting up outdoor security cameras is always a smart move not just to protect your homes from invasion and the likes, but also to let you know what is going on outdoors. Besides Ring Cam, Winees Cam F1 Spotlight Camera is also at the crest of the best outdoor cameras.

Winees Cam F1 Spotlight Camera
Winees smart outdoor spotlight camera comes with inbuilt top-of-the-line features and advanced A.I.function that runs a 2K high-resolution lens and a 360-degree view that does not isolate you from your surroundings.


This outdoor camera boasts weather resistance that will let you enjoy seeing everything around your home, with clear color images even at night.

Winees is more than a security camera. Integrated with advanced features, it can pass off as one of the best outdoor cameras with night vision. While the usual Ring cam is popular among homeowners, Winees outdoor spotlight camera is the most convenient. Here's why:



Color night vision: Its 400lm spotlight, plus starlight night vision, offers full-color images and videos. You have high-quality pictures of your home even in the dark with this home security camera due to the integrated IR illumination. You can activate the spotlight automatically or manually.

360-Degree View: 270° rotation and 360° view makes it easy to track anything surrounding your home.
2K QHD Video Quality: The camera records video at 2K resolution to show excellent details with vibrant colors. In return, providing clearer, more detailed pictures than 1080P, covers greater distances than 1080P, and reduces blind spots.

AI Recognition & PIR Motion detection: Persons, pets, vehicles, packages, glass breaks, and smoke/CO alarm sounds can be identified precisely. Instant alerts will be sent to your phone from Winees software, AiDot App.

IP65 Waterproof and Two-Way Audio: Winees is IP65 waterproof that can resist rain, heat, humidity, freezing environment, and even dust. Equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker, it supports real-time two-way audio for preventing thieves from breaking in since it can be viewed and heard through the AiDot App on your mobile device.
Secured and Convenient: Winees' cloud recording is encrypted to provide you with maximum privacy protection. You can also store local media up to 128GB on a micro SD card. Winees also provides 180-days of free cloud recording.

Compatibility: Compatible with AiDot, Alexa, and Google Assistant for easier access and real-time notifications.
Usual outdoor cameras have 1080P resolution, but this outdoor security camera holds 2k display resolution. Aside from the white light night vision measuring 400lm, the outdoor security camera can also detect at a 7-meter range.


But that's not all because thanks to the advanced AI function, Winees can not just detect humans, but also pets, vehicles, even packages, and other objects. PIR sensor detects when a human, pet, package, or vehicle is detected, records it, and sends an alert to your phone.


On the other hand, other outdoor cameras like the Ring cam can only cover human detection.

Another thing that makes this outdoor camera smarter than ever is that it works with AiDot to make sure that you get to connect your outdoor security camera directly to your phone in times of emergency. This makes you act simpler, faster, and better.

Excellent colorful night vision
Offers utmost privacy
400lm Spotlight, 2K resolution, 270° rotation, and 360°view
Advanced AI recognition technology
Can detect other objects and animals, not just humans
Can detect noises, such as glass breaking as well as smoke or CO2
Has smart home protection solution that works with it
Waterproof and resistant to potential causes of damage
You have to pay to continue using the cloud recording, though the first 180 days are completely free
Outdoor Security Cameras for Home
The safety of your home is always the most important thing. What better way is there to achieve this than with outdoor security cameras? However, to keep this comfort consistent over the years would be tough, especially if outdoor cameras are pricey, to begin with.

Fortunately, Winees Cam F1 Spotlight Camera got you covered. Through a quality outdoor security camera and an easy way to install and set up in AiDot and other integrations, you can immediately relax and let it do the work for you.

Upon purchasing, don't forget to enjoy your $70 coupon on the Amazon store and a 63% OFF discount price on Winees official website. With Winees, your safety wins!