ABOUT Winees

Making memories, witnessing  fun moments

No more panic, winees can guard you always.

Coming from the word of "witness", Winees' primary objective is to provide customers with the ability to feel relaxed and comfortable, knowing they're always guarded.
As a Winees is one of smart home brands in AiDot brand family. Winees revolutionizes  people approach their expectations of intelligent security and lighting, in line with the needs of people who Passion for family life .

Winees believes that the development of technology should benefit more people and that technology pioneers should provide public with more professional, comprehensive, efficient, intelligent and user-friendly products and services.

Through an integrated solution of  intelligent security fusion technology (securityDot) and intelligent solar energy management technology (solardot) from AiDot,Winees provides all-round, multi-layered security, offering a stable sense of security and making it easy for customers to enjoy a comfortable home life.

Winees takes independence, excellence and friendliness as the core brand value , sincere help our users , become the eyes and tentacles ,allowing them to perceive more, reduce troubles and distress, enhance the security of their home life, and retain the beautiful moments in their lives.

By taking a customer-first approach, we make sure our users have a comfortable and secure living experience with Winees. We prioritize convenience and practicality, creating easy-to-use products that simplify installation and use.


Winees prides itself on innovation, ease of use and creativity. At Winees, we are proud that our products can be used as guardians and witnesses to people's lives. 


Winees,a perfect choice for  make memories and witness fun moments without any trouble.

Join us and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are always on guard.