Winees just launched Its new home security camera M3Plus, which aims to solve the problems customers meet in daily use, for example, they can not see enough details and are not satisfied with the night vision quality.

Winees M3Plus is a 4CCT spotlight camera with 4MP starlight sensor. The 4MP is almost top-level resolution in the home camera market and capable of catching much more details. The 4 CCT spotlight with starlight sensor is really a new feature, the picture qualities in the night is said to be far beyond only the color night vision.


Detailed introduction

4MP is not a new word in tech circles. What is a 4 CCT spotlight with a starlight sensor?

 First of all, let’s see how to get a good quality picture at night. Colorful pictures at night have a strong relationship with the lighting conditions and sensors. For a light, the color rendering index (CRI) is very important to the picture quality. The

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