Unlimited Power: Embrace the Future of Home Security

More Efficient Solar Power Solution

With a solar power system equipped with low-power MPTT algorithm and low-light charging technology, combined with high conversion rate solar panels, we ensure that your camera device receives power replenishment under any lighting conditions, ensuring continuous operation.

Secure and Long-lasting Battery Experience

Our advanced BMS management system, combined with trickle charging technology and supercapacitor technology, solves the problem of frequent charging and discharging in solar charging systems that can damage battery lifespan. This ensures that your devices have a longer lifespan and provide long-lasting protection.

Excellent Power Consumption Control

Through chip-level power on/off control and optimized operational power, along with PIR and CIS combination detection, intelligent bitrate, and intelligent detection algorithms, we keep the power consumption of the devices at an extremely low level. Even with low battery levels and during cloudy or rainy weather, your camera can continue to safeguard your property without worrying about rapid energy depletion.

Self-learning logic control algorithm models

Through multidimensional data analysis and statistics, combined with algorithm models that possess self-learning capabilities, we optimize the relationship between devices, strategies, and energy consumption. This intelligent optimization enhances power efficiency and improves energy utilization.

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