Thanks for shopping at Winees. We hope you love your purchases, but if you’re not totally satisfied with the products , we are always here to help.

1.Warranty Policy

1.1 Warranty Period

We promise to provide free warranty service if your camera product faces any problems during normal usage.The specific warranty period depends on the product description provided at the time of purchase.The length of our warranty period not only shows our confidence in our products but also signifies our commitment to ensuring quality.


1.2 Warranty Coverage 

Winees provides warranty service and official customer support, which only apply to new products purchased from Winees official website、AiDot official website、official stores on Amazon. The following issues are not covered under warranty: 

  1. Malfunction due to improper usage or not following the instructions in the manual. 
  2. Damage caused due to accidental falls,corrosive liquid or any other external harm.
  3. Any parts that do not require general maintenance or replacements.
  4. Product purchased from a 3rd party retail partner.

1.3 Warranty Period

Our limited warranty period for cameras is twelve (12)months since the invoice date. 


1.4 Warranty Services 

If your camera malfunctions during the warranty period,you can contact our customer service for repair services.If the repair process is not sufficient,we will assist you in product replacement or providing a refund. 


1.5 Different Countries/Regions Warranty Policies

Due to the differing legal regulations regarding warranty policies in different Countries/regions,we cater to each location’s specific warranty handling process.

Contact our Customer service center for more information.