Lighting for Security

Lighting for Security

Simplify Your Lighting Experience - Intelligent and Ultra-Professional Lighting simplify

Extraordinary Illumination - Wide Angle and Extended Range

With super-bright and a far-reaching 66 ft illumination distance, illuminates angle 270°. to protect your entire front yard.

- Extra Wide Light Beam Angle
- Extended Lighting Range

Experience Unparalleled Brightness After Dark

Our unique spotlight design maximizes light output and coverage, delivering a larger illuminated area at the same power. Experience a vast 1800 sq.ft of lighting with just 3000lm.

- High luminous flux
- High energy efficiency ratio
- Unleash Expansive Coverage of Light

Intelligent Lighting Modes Illuminate with Smart Precision

Versatile Lighting Modes, Motion-Activated Illumination, Energy-Saving Night Light, and High-Brightness Mode for Enhanced Lighting.

- Dawn to Dusk Automation
- Light Up Upon Motion
- Automation with Linked Devices of AiDot

Ensure Your Peace of Mind - Intelligent and Highly Professional Security Solutions

Enhanced Night Vision: See Clearly in Dark

Empower Your Surveillance Equipment with Professional Illumination: Experience Ultra-Clear Full-Color Night Vision up to 10 Meters, Minimizing Image Distortion and Noise.

- Unveiling the True Colors of the Night
- See the Night Come Alive

Illuminate and Alert with Smart Lighting

The Perfect Integration of Camera and Floodlight: Detect Intruders in Targeted Areas and Repel Them with High-Frequency Flashing Lights (Similar to Police Cars).

- Deter Intruders with Rapid-Fire Flashing
- Scare off with Intense Bright Lights

Unleash the Power of Accurate Surveilance

The Lighting Series are equipped with advanced Local Advanced AI algorithms and 2 different motion sensors. The algorithms run entirely on the device, ensuring that all data detection, This guarantees maximum privacy and security for our users.

- Accuracy Motion Detetion
- Local AI algorithms
- Privacy security

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