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Person Detection

Pet Detection

Vehicle Detection

Package Detection

Person Detection

AiDot Cams are equipped with a function of person detection, to keep you informed about who is near your house.

Pet Detection

Understand the living habits of your cuties better with advanced data analysis, and keep them company all the time.

Vehicle Detection

Smart enough to monitor any vehicle pulled over at your front door.Record events in front of your door.

Package Detection

No more worries about parcels being delivered during your leaving time. Keeping an eye on your parcels until your arrival.

One App for All Control

Control all smart devices from the AiDot app on your phone or tablet

Instant Notification

Receive real-time push alerts with image previews to stay informed when anything happens at home.

Activity Zones

Monitor specific areas for motion so you only receive alerts that matter. Enjoy up to 4 free Activity Monitoring Zones.

Daily Routines

Set device work schedules to enhance your daily life and privacy.

Link Device

Link multiple devices to work together, providing all-around angle monitoring and security.

Multi-scene Application



Living Room


About Winees

The etymology of Winees is witness, the difference is less t and more e, meaning less t(trouble)s and more e(ye), so the original meaning of Winees brand is: with the professional light perspective, we are willing to be the witness of consumers' lives, to be the other eye to help users reduce the trouble. We provide better security through more professional light; and more efficient outdoor lighting through smarter security's intelligent technology. We are able to provide consumers with the ability to guard their homes and families all the time, in addition to witnessing the lives of users. About Us

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