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The security camera has been an innovation that has made life considerably safekeeping because of the current conditions of the world. With crimes like robbery and theft which have slowly become a life hazard on top of being an economical one has left people desperate for a chance at security in their houses and workplaces. A security camera not only protects you and prevents these kinds of mishaps from happening but also helps in catching the culprit in case anything happens in your absence. The camera’s responsiveness, price, and reliability are the few factors people look for when buying a security camera and today we will discuss some general types of security cameras and some great brands like Ring and Winees to help you decide which one you should buy according to your resources and conditions.

Types of Security Cameras

1. Indoor Security Camera

Indoor security cameras are needed for several purposes. To keep an eye on an infant, to check on the areas of the house where you don’t usually go, to monitor the insides and especially areas with luxury furniture or money and jewelry lockers, and to keep a constant check on the house in case you are away. Indoor security cameras are preferred to be wireless as there is a study network connection inside the house but beware that such cameras which are constantly transmitting videos take up a huge load of the internet. 

The material is also of your choice, you can select either glass, plastic, or any other for inside the house. 

2. Outdoor Security Camera

Outdoor security cameras are the ones most commonly with a floodlight or a spotlight to distinguish the person, especially at night time. These cameras are mostly present in old models but they work the best for outdoor security. Such cameras can be wireless or wired depending on the accessibility to the wiring system on the outside of the walls. Notification speed and motion detection in such cameras are also up to the mark as they play the topmost part in house security and care. These cameras also give high-resolution video up to 1080p for clear distinguishing of several areas of the house and pointing out if anyone is violating or trespassing.

The material of the camera can be decided as per your choice of the mounting area. Plastic ones are generally more suitable for outdoor cameras as the chance of breakage is less as compared to glass. Night vision is also another feature you can select in your camera if you are specific about the security but generally, the floodlight helps capture the image clearly but it is sometimes blurred.

3.Wireless Security Cameras 

Coming to wireless security cameras which are the ones that connect you to the image being recorded through a network of some sort and there is no need for a DVR. There is however a slight delay in the image being transferred as it takes time for the recorded video to be turned into a file and then be transferred to your digital screen whether a mobile phone or a computer. The slight issue that can occur is with the video transmission in case the network gets disconnected or interrupted. 

Such cameras can record straight on their MicroSD card which is beneficial if you want to pull up previous video footage. There is also a great possibility of an upgrade as well as new technologies with wireless cameras are always surfacing and you can get the best and latest models for yourself according to your home size and exterior. These are expensive cameras as compared to the analog, wired ones as the tech used to run these are expensive and upgrades will also cause you to spend your money.

4.Wired Security Cameras

If you have easy access to electrical wiring then the wired cameras are a great option as they are cheap and reliable. A DVR is a necessary need along with these cameras as compared to the wireless ones where you just need the camera. The image is quickly transmitted to your DVR screen and there is no delay at all. There is however an inability to modernize this type of camera to produce better resolution images with details. But all in terms of cost and function it works great if you want to put up some security cameras without the added expense and just a simpler experience.

Important Factors While Purchasing Security Camera  


First and foremost, high- Definition is the most basic element that needs to be taken into consideration, to ensure you can see clear images and videos. Currently, 4K, 2k, 1080P are common definitions of security cameras on the market. 

Storage Option 

Security cameras without storage are pretty useless. Yes, you can still get the live footage but it will be of no use in front of a prosecutor. Hence most security cameras have local storage in the form of a memory card while some are backed up on the cloud storage. You have to pay some amount for this type of storage but it’s good for long-term and limitless storage.

With local storage, the video footage might fill up the card if you are recording non-stop and not only when a motion is detected. Some cameras do have the option to clear the memory card after every 14 days so you have the time to move the particular part of video storage you wish to save elsewhere.

Night Vision

Night vision cameras were designed in several ways to get a slightly better image at night time and keep the security on around the clock. 

Some night vision cameras use infrared rays to detect the smallest amount of light and amplify it to create a brighter image. It is however more useful in commercial areas rather than at homes where at night there might be no light at all to amplify.

On the other hand, there are thermal night vision cameras as well which use any change in heat to create an image but it is usually gray and blacks. The image quality in both cases is unsatisfactory.

Motion Detection 

Motion detectors are also present and you will get an alert as soon as a movement of a human being is detected. They do motion detection with PIR (Passive infrared sensor) which senses the body temperature of the person and starts giving alerts to you especially during nighttime. You can turn it on as you like, when you are out of the house or at night or if alone at home during the day even.

With the latest technology, there has been the development of a new type of security camera which has a movement detector so the camera follows the person and records their movement meanwhile blaring the security alarms of the issue.

Another benefit of these is that you can adjust your camera to store only the footage when a motion is detected so that your storage doesn’t fill up quickly. 


Whether you live in a below zero cold area or a scorching hot one, you will have to think twice before getting an outdoor security camera. It is a common concern to protect the cameras from windstorms and rains. Most cameras are waterproof which a great start is but some other things are to be noted as well. There is a thing called IP (ingress protection rating) which tells you the resilience of the camera. Around 66 ratings, it can withstand rainwater and dust.

You can also provide a cover for the camera which can be found on amazon. Similarly for wired cameras, the wire part can be made waterproof by covering it with plastic.

3 Top Selections of Security Camera 

Arlo Security Camera

Arlo security cameras are one of the best security systems out there designed for optimal satisfaction and peace of mind. Being wireless, they are very easy to set up with both magnetic and screwed options. They are very discrete because of their sleek design. Moreover, they are completely UV and weather resistant hence you should have no worries leaving them out in the open. Their threshold is from severe heat waves to -20 degrees. It has an app as well where you can learn the basics of the setup to watch the footage any time you desire. Hence it’s one of the most innovative and sleek designed cameras with the best functionality.

Arlo security cameras

Ring Security Camera

Ring is a great company for security cameras with various options which cater to your every need. Generally, they listen to you through your needs and suggest the best possible option in your situation. The cameras are suggested based on three basic preferences:

  • Outdoor /Indoor
  • Battery/ Hardwired
  • Low lighting/ High lighting 

There is a proper app for this company that contains tutorial videos and help you keep up to date with your security system

Ring security cameras

Winees Security Camera 

Winees security camera has different types including spotlight security camera, mini security camera, baby monitor, etc. These cameras work on motion detection and as soon as they detect something, they send a 15-second clip to your phone. This way you can keep an eye on your baby’s activities at all times. The two-way audio feature is great as well as it lets you talk to them in case you’re busy elsewhere and keeps them occupied. These cameras have a great resolution of 1080p. It has a magnet attached at the back so you can easily adjust the angle and direction of the camera hence it’s a very practical purchase. Besides, the app Aidot can help you to control all these security cameras anywhere.

Linkind security camera

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