Mini Security Cameras: Tiny Size But Huge Power

mini security cameras

Mini security cameras were developed to make the presence of a security system more discrete as well as hidden. Sure we can think of many purposes for it but being portable and easy to carry has to be at the top of the list. Not everyone likes to have a camera shoved in their face especially if you’re very conscious about your security. Similarly, many spying tactics also benefit from mini security cameras. They are so compact that they can easily fit into small places as they are as small as a thumb. On top of that, they also contain motion sensors and night vision features as well making them one of the top technology gears to own. 

Do Mini Security Cameras Need Wifi?

Most mini security cameras nowadays can function even without Wifi. This is a peculiar thing as most cameras do need some form of connection and while Wifi is very convenient, it is still not dependable as the connection can drop at any time. Hence such cameras contain a rechargeable battery along with a memory card that stores all the footage being recorded. This is why it is well received in the crime investigation industry.

There are specific models which do have Wifi in case that is something you prefer and similarly, there are other wired ones that connect directly to the wall but battery-operated ones are most common and you can carry it anywhere and place it to your liking.

5 Best Mini Security Cameras

Ring Mini Security Cameras:

  • The mini security cameras at Ring are small-sized indoor cameras with a cable and adapter to plug in the nearest outlet. The ring small cameras are designed for giving a sleek look to security as well as providing several amazing features which will make you rethink your previous camera choice. 
  • It has a smart and clean design that can be placed on a table or mounted on the wall with the wall anchors provided with the box.
  • Some other designs are also available for outdoor placing.
  • The ring app is again a very efficient feature of this company as it helps you set up and keep up to date as well as gives you a minute to minute notifications of every little change in the environment and also very easy to access whenever you want to check the situation.
  • The ring app also offers you community updates and the local news about any nearby crimes so you can prepare ahead and accordingly.
  • The next feature which is two-way talk is another great option that you are getting with the ring cameras. It allows you to send a voice message or clip through the built-in microphone and speakers so you can talk in the present time without the need for an additional speaker. 
  • There is also a two-step verification and security details are up to the mark and in your control to change and adjust them to your liking.

Arlo Mini Security Cameras

  • Arlo has designed many small-sized cameras for security at various places without catching the eye of any person and has one of the best surveillance systems.
  • Most of these cameras are mobile cameras which means they can change angles up to 160 degrees sideways and get a wider angle image especially in places where normal security cameras cannot reach. Being wireless, you can install them at high and inconvenient places where they skip the eye of the person.
  • On top of this, they are also highly water-resistant which protects them from harsh weather especially when you have mounted them in places where you can’t reach them every day to shield them or take them off for repairs. They can withstand cold weather and severe humidity and high temperature as well.
  • Almost all of them produce high HD video quality of 720p hence you will be watching surveillance with all the image details and distinguishing factors.
  • They have rechargeable, long-lasting batteries which last up to 6months hence you will not have to constantly change or recharge them.
  • Even with a small size, they are offering all these amazing features which will help you in choosing these for your house and security. Hence for outdoor options, Arlo gives you great options including Arlo essential, the most compact mini camera out of the lot.

Nest Mini Security Cameras

  • Another small-sized camera is of the company known as Nest. The mini cameras are mostly wired which means you will need to place them next to a power source but if you solve that issue then this can be an amazing option as well. Some are wireless and indoor which are not weather resistant while the outdoor ones are highly weather-resistant and ideal for outdoor security. 
  • The outdoor is designed to be wired so it doesn’t stop surveillance for a change or recharge of the battery. It can continuously record and keep working without any hindrance. The indoor is designed with a rechargeable battery as it is convenient to charge inside the house. 
  • It also supports a 130-degree angle which the camera can turn to and give you a clearer picture and all-around picture to make sense of the situation. The small size and adjustability make it very flexible and hence it can be placed in different places whether outdoor or indoor.
  • The camera also contains an RGB LED for colorful and detailed images for an outdoor camera.
  • The operating temperature is 32-104 degrees which is great but still not as wide as some other options available on the market today.
  • These are budget cameras that will not be too rough on your pocket. They have good design and quality with many colors available as well which can match your walls to some extent and become camouflaged.

Blink Mini Security Cameras

  • Blink is another camera setup that is very popular these days and is another great investment for the sake of the security of your house. Loaded with features like motion sensors and night vision, the outdoor versions of these blink mini outdoor cameras give you all the specifications we look for in security cameras.
  • The outdoor versions are wireless and have been designed as resilient and with a battery that lasts up to 2 years surviving the weather while the indoor is designed to just keep a lookout inside the house and stay alert and connected with everything going on especially if you have kids.
  • The outdoor version allows you to talk, see and listen to the people outside in case you need to check for verification. Blink also offers a video doorbell that performs this task perfectly. 
  • The blink app is also equipped well and gives you instant access. It also connects with Alexa and you can give a simple order to Alexa to play the specific surveillance footage and it will instantly do so.
  • The indoor camera provides up to 1080p resolution images with great details and HD quality images.

Winees Mini Security Camera

  • Winees is a predominantly Wifi based security system designed for the care of your family with an 8x zoom capability, 350 degrees horizontal, and 100-degree vertical rotation span. This means that it can capture even far-off things in a big room in detail and help you keep an eye on everything. This is possible because of the zoom ability. This however is used in offices, buildings, and stores as well because of their wide range of motion.
  • Moreover, it has the night vision feature as well which can cover up to 32 feet hence we can safely say that this covers the widest area without compromising the quality.
  • Motion detection is present in this system like all other cameras but this one also has sound and face detection hence when your baby cries, it sends a 10-second video to your phone to alert you of movement. Similarly, this feature helps better detect if anyone is breaking in.
  • There is a microphone present as well so you can keep in contact from wherever you are.
  • These cameras are also compatible with Alexa which is another bonus.
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